About us
Being dedicated to the business of additives and special chemicals, Sun & Bright Industrial Ltd. has been focusing on providing quality products, customized solutions and unsurpassed service.

To be a sales and marketing company, we also serve our clients as both a sourcing agent and a local distributor. Our high-quality staff with background in chemistry and chemical engineering are active in the relevant industries.

We built up strategic business partnership with manufacturers in the related area, and we have been growing and developing together with our partners in high-tech chemical field.

We supply with Jet Mill and Machinery Grinder, offer complete production line with guidance of installation by customerí»s own and carry out commissioning and operators training service. We ensure quick supply of spare parts after sale. Our technical supporting team with 20 years experience is capable to propose right model for customerí»s production of agrochemicals formulation, organic and inorganic pigment, pharmaceutical raw material, mineral material, food and feed material, AC Blowing agent and Paste PVC resin etc.

Cherishing the homeland we live and preserving a green earth for posterity, we assume obligation requested by state environmental protection law, take on the social responsibility as a decent social organization.

We believe that our Speciality in chemical and chemical machinery filed, Attention to customer services, Faithfulness to clients and Efficiency of work will ensure our customers SAFE business with us.